Food Bloggers - Open Call!

Written By Sonya Reznitsky - October 06 2017


Lee Nourse
April 06 2020

Hi Sonya,
I do not have a food blog. But I’m a freelance copywriter who loves cooking and creating recipes. I write for businesses, various types of marketing materials including blog posts. The cost depends on variables of each project, but on average a blog post up to 700 words would cost $350. For Persia Foods, however, I would be happy to write for an exchange of groceries.

I have been shopping at your store since it opened on West Broadway, and would absolutely love to arrange a content-for-food kind of deal with Persia Foods. I could write a post for you on spec first, including an original recipe, and you could decide then if you’d like to move forward on this kind of exchange with me.

Looking forward to your response. Meanwhile, you may like to check out my website here:

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